To all our students…

All the best for a Happy Christmas and much happier 2022.

We’ve all been jousting with the Beast for another year with currently no end in sight.

The only plus side has been seeing the caring, sharing side of society as everyone pitched in to help each other .

On the music side of things we had a pretty good year with over nine thousand Radio plays, mainly in the U.S. but also in countries as diverse as India,Venezuela,Seychelles, Korea,Japan,Romania,Czech Republic,Singapore,Indonesia,Hong Kong,Jamaica, Phillippines, Albania,Croatia,Thialand, Sierra Leone, and Cyprus.

Ashley has returned from Canada and has published her first children’s book. Tony has composed a third Album, that Ashley has arranged, and pre-production is underway for a 2022 release.

Thanks for all your support and interest it means a lot to us.

Look after yourselves, take care.

All at B.H.U.

International Students

Despite everything, it’s been an exciting year for BHU. We’ve found new fans in the UK, USA, and Europe. And it’s been very gratifying to learn that our music has been getting played all around the globe – from Israel to Hong Kong to the Phillipines, Japan, and Malaysia. Thank you so much for your support, and for rocking your BHU merch!

Respect to Radley

Respect to Radley who co-engineered our last two albums. Yes – Dan was a great producer and engineer – but we all know who the real power behind the throne was. A quiet paw on the arm, a wet nose on the hand – he always knew just when to step in. From rock ‘n’ roll to folk to pop to jazz, the little master saw it all. You bossed it, Radders. You totally bossed it.