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Reviews for “Too Close to the Border”

This is another new artist to me and an air of mystery surrounds this release. The album opens with ‘Banditos in our Minds’ and instantly the vocals have me gripped, strong with great diction. Sonically, the arrangement reminds me of something Marty Stuart might release – proper country. I love the use of fiddle in ‘Expecting Rain’ and the upbeat tempo of the track has you tapping along. We hear a new side to the band on the ballad ‘Loveless By The Sea’. There is space in the production for the lyrics to really land with the listener and these are descriptive enough to paint a picture in the listeners mind. There is a delicate nature to the vocals which works well with the strings and high notes on the piano. To summarise, I am so glad I’ve been introduced to this band, there songwriting is strong, the production is of high quality and it’s all delivered by a beautiful, raw vocal.  

Zoe Hodges, Editor, MAVERICK

Reviews for past albums

“This is well-written and arranged collection of songs and will appeal to fans of softer country americana.” BLUES MATTERS

“Hooks, fine melodies, and effortless grooves abound, and Fayth’s vocals, by turn sassy, soulful, and sultry, delivers the goods every time . . . it’s all done extremely well, indeed . . . a fine contribution to the higher echelons of country music.”  MAVERICK

Nancy J Kerplansky is as timeless a piece of country music as you could wish for and deserves to be a hit.” MAVERICK

If the purpose of this album is not only to entertain a doubtless growing fanbase but to act as a sampler for eager radio programmers, there is plenty to snare willing ears and tracks of all formats and styles… Broken Heart University deserves tracking down and being heard by the massive audience who enjoy country blues, written, arranged and sung with consummate skill.” BLUES MATTERS