New album out now

Exploring sundry themes and stories, Broken Heart University’s new record “Too Close to the Border” traverses through wide-ranging and vibrant musical styles

“Too Close to the Border” is a vibrant collection of singles that depicts both the versatility of the artist and his love for Americana music. The newest addition to Broken Heart University’s stunning music, the record strings together different musical styles, moods, and aesthetics, paying homage to the very best of the Golden Age.

From the gently curated, insightful, and introspective songwriting in the track, “Loveless by the Sea” to the upbeat, feisty, and satirical portrayals in “Expecting Rain,” the new record has got it all. Taking listeners through a trip across a variety of music influences and genres, Broken Heart University’s new album will certainly put them right at the center of the map as rising icons who know where they are headed.

Determined, inspired, and passionate to create music that piques the attention of all audiences, Broken Heart University bring a multi-genre feel that has not been seen in a long time. BHU’s latest offering, “Too Close to the Border”, is a culmination of the artist’s own lifelong influences.

Presenting a musical roadmap of his American experience, tracks such as “Banditos in Our Minds” highlight the comic portrayal of two doomed tex-mex stooges. Meanwhile, the track “Spitfire Women”, underscores the moving story of how women pilots of the ATA overcame prejudice and misogyny to ferry planes during the second world war.

“Growing up in early 60s,” says Batty, “I looked to the best of American music for inspiration when sometimes homegrown versions seemed like pale imitations. From rock ’n’ roll to west coast sound to folk and blues it was always the Americans who intrigued me,” he admits.

Check out “Too Close to the Border” on all major online music streaming platforms, or visit the artist’s website- to order CD copies. Reach out to the artist through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaboration opportunities.


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